We stay

TITLE: We stay
CATEGORY: Documentary
YEAR: 2016
LANGUAGE: deutsch (d/f/i)

DIRECTED BY Romana Lanfranconi
CAMERA: Simon Weber
2nd CAMERA: Luzius Wespe
SOUND: Lukas Gut
EDITING: Romana Lanfranconi
FINE-CUT SOUND- DESIGN: Stephan Heiniger
MIX: Beni Mosele
COLOR- GRADING: Nick Schneider
GRAPHICS: Stefan Gallego

The number of older migrants in Switzerland is growing and their share will continue to rise in the coming years.
The growing diversity among the elderly population poses new demands on care and care providers as well as relief services.

The film sensitizes and informs about the diverse connections in this field, he portrayed four stories of older migrants in Switzerland.

Andreas Bircher, Head of SRK Division:
"For the 20 years I have been working at the Red Cross, there has been no other media product from the SRK that reflects the main red-cross principle of humanity in such a cautious and unobtrusive way."

Martine Scholer, research associate:
"Fortunately, I did not have to hold my presentation directly after the film - I was too moved to speak."

Client: Swiss Red Cross. Croix-Rouge suisse
Department of Health and Integration / Department of Santé et Intégration, Martin Wälchli