CATEGORY: Documentary
YEAR: 2020
DURATION: 90-120min
LANGUAGE: englisch/deutsch

Written & Directed by:
Stephan Heiniger
Produced by:
Alexa Meyer, Simon Weber
Director of Photography:
Andi Widmer, Luzius Wespe

A 77 year old american dressed up as Santa has been selling postcards in Vienna's old town for years. A young New Zealander in Lucerne – linguist and author – is writing down Santa's life story. Since the early 60ies Santa has been travelling the world as a hichhiker, visiting 81 countries on 6 continents. In front of a backdrop of about 60 years of world history a personal story unfolds, recounting incredible tales, bizarre coincidences and outrageous events. Strating out from a private drama and leading towards longed-for redemption with the publishing of the book and the conclusion of Santa's epic voyage.

With SANTA'S LAST CHRISTMAS Stephan Heiniger ventures upon his cinema debut, produced by Alexa Meyer and Simon Weber. The research and development of the subject matter has been financed by Federal Office of Culture BAK, the Cantons of Lucerne and Argovia the City of Langenthal.