Grave Digger.

TITLE: Grave Digger.
CATEGORY: Short Film
YEAR: 2006
DURATION: 14minsmin

Grave Digger: Alain Croubalian
Bride: Anja Tobler
Priest: Jürgen Brügger
Written & Directed by: Stephan Heiniger
Camera: Markus Heiniger
Music: Resli Burri & Alain Croubalian
Editing: Stephan Heiniger & Miguel Macaya

During day time he's taking care of the cemetary and preps the deceased for the final curtain. At night however, he's wandering between the graves and he's playing his banjo with the dead. But soon this fragile balance between here and hereafter will be put to the test.
The graduation film by Stephan Heiniger was produced at Hochschule Luzern.