Boys Go Dance

TITLE: Boys Go Dance
CATEGORY: Documentary
YEAR: 2012

DIRECTOR: Steve Walker
CAMERA: Markus Heiniger
EDITOR: Stephan Heiniger

Two worlds collide: When a rock'n'roll band and a professional ballet ensemble collaborate, misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable. The Kummerbuben want to be the first rock band to play the hallowed halls of the Municipal Theatre of Bern in a joint ballet with the dancers of the "Bern: Ballett" ensemble and the choreography of the dancers Izumi Shuto and Martina Langmann. To make the leap from dancer to choreographer and bring their dreams a little closer to reality, these two dancers sacrifice all their time and energy to the hard life of the ensemble. The chaotic world of the "Boys" practice room collides with the professionalism of the ballet world.

"The film is as exciting as a thriller. Well staged, brilliantly shot."
***** 5/5 Stars (Box Office SF TV)

"The cinematic presentation is so strong (...), that it amounts to an artistic revelation."
(Hans Jürg Zinsli, Berner Zeitung)

«No ifs, ands or buts, Boys Go Dance is a pearl of a film»
***** (5/6 Baeren) (Reto Baer, DRS3)