BIBI VAPLAN:Fliegenromanisch

TITLE: BIBI VAPLAN:Fliegenromanisch
CATEGORY: Short Film
YEAR: 2012
LANGUAGE: Rätoromanisch

DIRECTOR: Simon Weber

Bibi Vaplan, the lively song poet from Graubünden sings powerfully melancholic songs exclusively and passionately in Romansh. Like the wind playing the compositions, powerfully jolting or gentle and dreamlike, the songs unfold in the piano sounds and her warm vocals blow into the soul. Bibi Vaplan means something like "Bibi, go slowly", an invitation to herself and the listener to be less rushed and more mindful. Fliegenromanisch appears on the 2011 release "Eu Vegn Cun Tai".

On April 1st, 2015, the CD for her 4th Album „Cul Vent“ will be toasted at Jazzclub Moods in Schiffbau.