American Express Selects Portrait: Sven Wassmer



Concept and design: C2F
Programming: Johnny Nia

TITLE: American Express Selects Portrait: Sven Wassmer
CATEGORY: Corporate
YEAR: 2018
LANGUAGE: Swiss german

Client: American Express Selects
Agency: Dialogköpfe

As Sven Wassmer approaches the ducks, quiet quacking fills Hof P adanatsch farm in Vals. "I’ve known these ducks since they hatched. They know who I am," explains Wassmer. The farm is situated just a short walk away from Vals’ village center. At the entrance to this picturesque village with just 1,000 inhabitants in Gris ons is the "7132 Hotel" where Sven Wassmer directs the kitchen crew as the Head Chef of its "7132 Silver" restaurant in keeping with his unique philosophy.